Traffic Tickets

If you were recently cited for a speeding or any other traffic offense, do not simply pay this ticket off! If you do, there will be potentially serious impacts on your driving privileges and insurance premiums. Bachara & Essey have personally handled countless traffic offenses in North Carolina. Avoid the hassel of going to traffic court and let him represent you by appearing on your behalf. If you have not already pled guilty or retained other counsel in this matter, call for a consultation at no cost to you. Find out how the North Carolina DMV and your insurance company will view your citation.

Just take a minute to read further to see how the offense you’ve been charged with might affect your driver’s license and insurance premiums. We can almost always reduce these effects and in some cases completely remove the negative consequences completely through negotiations with the District Attorney.

To find out how Bachara & Essey, Attorneys at Law can protect you and your rights, call (910) 457-4577 for a consultation. We provide experienced service at competitive prices.